South Beach Diet Reviews – Jessie James Decker Loses 25 lbs with South Beach Diet!


south beach diet reviews - jessie james deckerLooking for a little weight loss inspiration?

Wondering whether the South Beach Diet actually works?

Back in January of this year it was revealed that country singer star Jessie James Deck lost 25 pounds after her third baby using this South Beach Diet delivery program.

She is quoted as saying that this is the fastest she’s ever lost weight after giving birth.

She also posted a video saying,


“I have tried so many different diet programs, like the craziest ones, the most popular fads, and nothing has ever done what South Beach has done,”


She even showed a pic of her fridge on Instagram full of South Beach diet meals. That’s a pretty amazing transformation!



So What Makes the South Beach Diet Work So Well?

South Beach is a specially-designed lower carb, higher protein plan. They also made some changes for 2019 and it now offers a Keto-friendly diet approach.

For many people that have trouble losing weight on a traditional low-fat diet, going low carb is the only type of weight loss plan that works for them.

And for people that lose weight on both a low fat and a low carb plan – they often find the low carb diets work faster for them.


south beach keto meals
South Beach Diet Meals



This could be due to the fact that when you cut your carbs you also cut your hormonal production of insulin – which is your body’s fat-storage hormone.

So when insulin levels go down – so does your body’s desire to store fat. And it will turn to your fat stores to burn them for fuel!

There are 3 phases to the South Beach diet – the first phase is the lowest carb phase and can help you jump-start your weight loss and reset your metabolism.

The second phase is still lower carb – but you will start adding in a few more “healthy” carbs that won’t spike your insulin levels – so that your body starts to get used to them.

Once you go into the Phase 3 maintenance phase, you will start adding in even more healthy carbs that won’t spike your insulin levels. By this time, the experts say, your metabolism has been retrained and your body can handle a few more carbs without putting the weight back on.



One advantage to the South Beach diet is that – unlike regular low carb plans that have you eating low carb for the rest of your life – you do eventually get to add carbs back in (healthy ones). So it can be a lot easier for many people to maintain their weight loss from the diet.

Plus for 2019, the South Beach diet delivery service has added 24 new menu items – giving you over 100 items to choose from on the diet. So you won’t be eating the same food over and over again.


How Does It Work?

You can either buy the South Beach Diet book and follow the diet on your own – including the recipes in the 3 different phases.

Or you can use the South Beach diet delivery service which will send the South Beach meals and snacks to your home for you.



This is obviously much easier for many people as they don’t have to do all of the carb counting and meal prep themselves.

Plus with plans starting around $10 a day, it’s pretty affordable to follow. But regardless of what you choose to do, if you’ve struggled with traditional diets – and you can’t see yourself staying on a low-carb diet forever, then South Beach may be a great alternative for you.


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