South Beach Meal Delivery Plans Compared – Which is Best For You?

south beach meal delivery plansLooking for the Best South Beach Meal Delivery Plans?


There are currently 3 different South Beach Meal Delivery plan options to choose from – Silver, Gold and Platinum.

These plans differ in the type of meals that you get and how many extras you want to add on to your daily meal package.

Which one is best for you?

Here’s a brief review of each along with how they compare to the other plans:



3 South Beach Meal Delivery Plans Compared


south beach meal delivery plans
South Beach Double Chocolate

This plan is the most simple and cost-effective. It comes in around $10 a day, which is excellent.

You get 3 South Beach meals per day on this plan – breakfast, lunch and dinner.

You will also receive with your first order a Starter Guide giving you all the information you need to get started, snack recommendations etc. plus a free tracker app you can use in following your daily meal plan.

There are Silver plan options for both men and women.

You can also customize the plan if you want to choose your own meals from the list (at no extra charge) or go with the Chef’s picks

If it’s your first order, you may want to try the Chef’s picks as these are generally customer favorites – so you might find some really gems in your order.


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south beach meal delivery plans
South Beach Frittata


south beach meal delivery
South Beach Chicken Roma

This plan is the next step up and the most popular plan. It starts around $12 a day making it still very cost effective.

On the Gold plan you get 3 South Beach diet meals per day – breakfast, lunch and dinner – as well as South Beach snacks.

This cuts down on some of the work you have to do (on the Silver plan you’ll be adding in more snacks on your own) and may make it easier to follow the diet.

You also get a larger menu to choose from on this plan – with a few more options. There are Gold plans for both men and women.

You can customize this plan to pick your favorite meals (no extra charge) or simply go with the Chef’s picks.

You’ll also get the Free Starter guide included and Free FedEx Shipping.


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South Beach Chocolate Chip Muffin
south beach meal delivery reviews
South Beach Shrimp-Chicken Stir Fry

This is the premium plan with all the bells and whistles. It’s still pretty affordable at around $13 a day.

On this plan you get 3 meals per day – plus snacks and protein shakes. Again, this cuts down on the snacks you have to add in yourself throughout the day.

So if you’re busy or always on the go, this plan might be best as it’s a huge time saver.

Also you get to choose from an even larger menu on this plan than the other 2 plans.

You also get access to some fresh-frozen entrees as well, which are a little fancier and more gourmet-tasting.

You can customize this plan as well or choose the Chef’s picks options. You’ll also get the Free Starter Guide and Free FedEx Shipping.


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south beach meal deliverySo those are the 3 different South Beach meal delivery plans laid out for you. Which is best?

Well, this depends on your budget, lifestyle and preferences.

The Silver program is the most affordable and gives you all the basics. If you have a little more time in your day to add in the snacks yourself, this is a great option.

If you want a few more snacks added in – with the larger menu for more options, then you may want to go with the Gold plan.

If you want almost everything done for you – with a larger menu and more gourmet meal picks, then the Platinum plan is the best choice.

It’s still much more affordable than a standard diet food delivery plan (which start around $22 a day). Plus’ll you get the highest rated meals to pamper yourself as you slim down.

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