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Weight Loss Results




Quality of Meals


Ability to Customize




Options for Specialty Diets



  • Offers freshly-made, organic vegan meals delivered weekly
  • 8 week rotating menu gives lots of variety
  • Double or Quadruple portions available for multiple-family orders
  • Meals contain no egg, dairy, meat, honey or calcium caseinate


  • Not specifically a weight loss plan
  • Cannot customize the menu or swap out meals



What Is Vegin’ Out?


vegin out food deliveryVegin Out is a weekly vegan meal delivery service based out of Southern California.

It delivers freshly made vegan and vegetarian meals nationwide (except Hawaii and Alaska).

They focus on creating nutritious, balanced meals with organic ingredients (where possible).

Unlike most of the other diet food delivery services on this site which give you individual meals, Vegin’ Out meals are sent in larger containers so that you can portion it out throughout the week as you need them.

Each week, you’ll get 3 vegan meal entrees, 4 vegan side dishes, 1 vegan soup and a bag of vegan cookies. The menu changes weekly to give you new tastes, flavors and recipes.

They can also make allowances for allergies or food sensitivities like gluten.


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How Does It Work?

There’s one menu that changes weekly (however they can make allowances for most food allergies or sensitivities you may have like gluten).

When you place a weekly vegan meal order, you will receive all the vegan dishes listed on their weekly vegan menu here.


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All weekly orders are meant to serve 1 person. However you can also order a double weekly order (for 2 people) or even a quadruple weekly order (which will serve 4 people per week).

You can also order additional Vegan entrees, side dishes, desserts or juices a la carte as you need them.

Each vegan dish comes fully cooked and prepared with heating instructions for you.  All meals should be kept refrigerated once you get them.

vegin out vegan meal deliveryDepending on the week, you may receive up to 9 meals from your single weekly vegetarian/vegan meal order package.

Each order consists of 3 vegetarian or vegan entrées served in a 24 oz size container, four side dishes in a 16oz size container, one 32 oz size container of soup and 5 vegan cookies. Each vegan meal container serves up to 3 servings.

Nationwide vegan meal orders will be shipped on Mondays (provided your order has been placed by the previous Friday at 5 pm PST). If a holiday falls on a Monday then the orders will be shipped on Tuesdays. You should receive your order about 3 – 5 business days after that via FedEx



“How Much Weight Can I Lose?”

Because this really isn’t a “diet” plan but more of a specialized meal delivery service, there isn’t a heavy emphasis on weight loss.

However if you’ve never eaten this way before, you’ll most likely find that you’ll be losing weight as your body takes in the healthier ingredients and less junk food.


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You can find the nutritional information for each meal on the Vegin’ Out website here. Average calories per vegan meal based on one serving of entree and one serving of each of the two side dishes is approximately between 550 – 680 calories.

So at 3 meals per day that would be about 1650 – 2040 calories per day per person.

That might be fine for a man who wants to lose weight.  But some women may want to cut down their portion sizes slightly (to about 1200 – 1500 calories per day) if they are strictly looking to use this plan to lose weight.



Vegin Out Menu Examples:


Vegetable Tofu Curry:

tofu, sweet potatoes, green beans, cauliflower, onion, tomato, ginger, garlic, coconut milk, spices, oil, salt, pepper


Chickpea Bolognese:

linguine, chickpeas, tomato, onion, celery, carrot, garlic, white wine, herbs, olive oil, salt, pepper


Vegin Out Meals


BBQ Lentil Loaf

lentils, brown rice, celery, onion, bell pepper, garlic, walnuts, nutritional yeast, rolled oats, corn, bbq sauce, vegan Worcestershire, smoked paprika, salt, pepper


Oatmeal Raisin Cookies


Double Chocolate Mint Cookies


Click Here to View the Latest Vegin Out Menu



Vegin Out Food Delivery Benefits:


Healthy Vegan Meals

A lot of people feel that eating vegan is much healthier. It’s a way to eat that’s easier on your body – as well as the environment. Vegin’ Out is passionate about using the highest quality ingredients and creating nutrient-rich meals with whole foods and quality ingredients to nourish your body and mind.

All meals are made without egg, dairy, meat, honey or calcium caseinate. On average they also have about 85% organic ingredients as well.


Great Variety

Vegin Out has an 8 week rotating menu. This means the menus change every week for 8 weeks – then revert back to week one. That gives you incredible variety. It means you will only eat the same thing 6 times a year. The chefs at Vegin’ Out are also consistently adding new recipes to the menu as well.


Vegin Out Oatmeal Cookies


Tons of Testimonials

Vegin Out has tons of happy customers. In fact they’re even endorsed personally by actress Alicia Silverstone:

“I love Vegin’ Out, it’s so yummy! Even if you’re not vegan, give it a try, cause who wouldn’t want delicious healthy food all prepared and brought right to your doorstep! It’s so convenient, I don’t even have to think about it, and I’m always looking forward to tasting the original dishes they’re constantly creating. Oh and you must taste the cookies! Try them once and you’ll be hooked!” – Alicia Silverstone, Actress


Gluten Free Options

If you have a gluten sensitivity they are more than willing to accommodate this in your weekly menu (although your options might be a bit limited).



Any Drawbacks?

Unlike most of the other services we review on this website, this is not specifically a weight loss diet service. However it is fairly calorie controlled (with healthy, organic ingredients). With a little retooling you could definitely work this plan into a weight loss plan.

Another drawbackis that the menu is not customizable. You can’t swap out menu items that you prefer for others.



How To Save on Vegin Out

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